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Managerial Coaching

The purpose of this managerial coaching conversation is to help manager appreciate his or her unique talents and how these talents affect his or her ability to build, motivate, and develop a high-performance team.

A manager is responsible for his or her own performance, each team’s collective performance, and the execution of the company of the company strategy, financial targets, mission, and values.

Gallup’s research show that managers have the greatest influence on their employee‘s level of engagement. When managers inspire engagement, their employees and team become more productive. Workgroups with high engagement experience 22% higher profitability and 21% higher productivity.

Outline of Three Managerial Coaching Conversations

(Before the coaching conversation, manager has to complete the Clifton StrengthsFinder 2.0 Assessment)

Managerial Coaching Conversation #1

This coaching conversation is to help manager gain an awareness and appreciation of their unique talents within the context of their role as people leader.

Managerial Coaching Conversation #2

This coaching conversation is to help manager gain an understanding and appreciation of each team member’s talents and strength and use this information to set up for success.

(Manager’s team members need to complete the CSF 2.0 assessment before this coaching session)

Managerial Coaching Conversation #3

This coaching conversation is to help managers gain an understanding of and appreciation for the team’s collective strengths, potential talent gaps, and vulnerabilities.

Sample of StrengthsFinder 2.0 Assessment Report

  1. Signature Theme Report (Top 5)
  1. Strengths Insight Report (Top 5)

Yes. I want to be coached. Please contact me.



Steven is always generous to coach me. Whenever I have a challenge at work, talking to Steven will inject motivation and confidence. He has the innate ability to point people in the right direction without denying their opinions.

Steven has taught me how to hire the right people, motivate staff, increase revenue streams and marketing channels amongst many others. The skills that Steven impart cut across multiple disciplines and will be useful to all business leaders.

Vincent Tan, Founder of
I was very fortunate to have Steven as my coach where we had brainstorming sessions that always leave me with a renewed sense of purpose and determination.With Steven’s encouragement and prompting, I began to set a vision for what I wanted my life to be and work towards making that vision a reality. He helped me stay focused on what was really important to me.

If anyone is considering Steven as a life coach, please go for it. It was a definite move forward in my business and my personal life. I believe anyone could benefit from his skills and mentorship.

Nicole Yee, Founder of
Steven is a very experienced and professional coach. He listened to my business needs and guidedme to explore alternate solutions. He let me decides what is best and allow me to take ownership.
Steven is also very attentive and well-aware of client’s needs and requirements as he always put himself in client’s shoe. Most importantly, he is always there to provide support and guidance as and when the clients need it. Highly recommended to anyone for an experienced and professional consultant and coach.
Susan Sia, MD of Social Media Beez Sdn Bhd
As an executive coach, Steven will bring out the potential in you. Steven is someone whohelps you to self-realise. He is always available to help me explore alternatives. Steven has taught me not to shy away from help and always ask for it.
Leveraging on resources around you is one of the most powerful tools that I have learnt from Steven as well. When I have doubts in my business strategy or directions, the person I will turn to is Steven.
Shamus Swee, Managing Partner of Design Hows Pte Ltd
Steven has been a great leadership coach. He started coaching me two years ago when I joined HK Digital Media Group assuming the role as Malaysia’s country manager. He coached me to build a highly productive team and handle difficult decisions.
Steven has deep knowledge in managing a business too. He guided me to analyse local market condition, formulate business strategy and bring them to execution.
BC Ang, Malaysia Country Manager of