We want to succeed. We will face. We will take the lead. Our techniques will live, will grow up decisively influence all popular pedagogy way. Our experience is also sufficient in this area.

It is useless to try to touch, by word or in writing, these new buyers of equipment and explain theoretically what we expect from them and what we offer. They hear not that way. What to do is work hard, cooperatively, to improve share our tools and educational use we can make of it. All educators feel the need to work in their class with less fatigue, with more interest and efficiency.

If they feel, if they understand, if they see that we help them really, they will be with us. The past year has been too absorbed by our cooperative organization worries. We will now, with more peace of mind and increased opportunities, we devote to the organization of educational work.

Our Cooperative Institute Modern School (ICEM), legally constituted since the Congress of Dijon, with its many county branches, with publications, meetings and large annual conference will become the high school’s educators working Guild Modern. Memberships ICEM We need to adherents. We need to make thousands, tens of thousands.

We ask them to accept some duties and obligations, but we will reserve them in return substantial benefits even more important that will be more profitable the work we have achieved together. Will members ICEM all educators who have signed and returned the attached membership form by paying the fee of 550 francs. This entitles the free service of The Educator, ICEM body. A membership card will be issued. departmental groups The ICEM has a subsidiary in each department.

The departmental groups remain in permanent contact with the center. ICEM will bring them back effective assistance. Commissions, Task Teams and Working Bulletin commissions and work teams are made within the ICEM.

Can only be part of the comrades who actually work. We point well: Can and must adhere to the ICEM all educators interested in our research and in our work homework help
, even if they are not sure of power, especially at the beginning, give us any help. They have the desire to modernize their school; this is sufficient to joining ICEM. But we definitely need to find ourselves also among workers in teams that are always open to all people of goodwill.

We will not deal with hermetic issues but such problems they face us all and that any educator can and should discuss. These workers will, within the ICEM organized Labor Guild. In addition to the benefits normally reserved for members of the ICEM, they will receive our free weekly publication mimeographed Educational Cooperation, which will this year take great importance to: – a part of documentation and information intended for DDx and managers commissions. – part of documentation on the work underway within the ICEM, so that every worker can always locate their personal effort as part of our cooperative activity. – work, plans, projects, discussions on the topics under consideration.

Some of this work will be published in provisional sometimes brochures that can be put at cost price, available to members. This unique organization in France, which will coordinate the efforts of thousands of educators, we will do this year our ICEM largest educational laboratory of our country. The paper is the bread of our techniques. Our techniques involve a high consumption of paper. And the paper is expensive.

When we have to register on our fare with all margins overhead, taxes and discounts, the price becomes prohibitive. ICEM will make a big effort to allow schools, even poor, edit a school newspaper and practice exchange. You will find enclosed a voucher for 10,000 sheets 13,5×21 sold at cost 180 francs per kilo and 320 thousand francs, plus shipping, ICEM paying for the cost of trimming and handling.

You can order this paper either globally or per thousand packages at your convenience, but preferably the other hand orders to reduce shipping costs by grouping your commands. In order for members who have already supplied are not harmed, this purchase will be valid for the next school year (the price of paper may vary by course). We will also provide, groups that we ask it, and the same conditions, paper for publishing their Departmental Gerbe. Only two conditions for this exceptional bonus.

Recipients must: – Be ICEM members or subscribers Educator. – Make regular ICEM their school newspaper service. Our review Educator benefit from this reorganization of our educational work. Make it known around you. Hire her subscribers. This call is not a S.O.S.

Our review today has a subscriber base which guarantees a comfortable editing. But the more we are, the less the cost will be high, the more we can book you benefits in kind of the above offer to make you feel always the obvious benefits of cooperation. But remember that the first issue of the month will be a simple number about 16 pages.

The second issue is by against a solid brochure eighty pages fed with studies, surveys, original documents, an educational activity that you will not find anywhere else. The sterile debate sours and divides us. The faithful and fruitful work unites us because it separates as the wheat from the chaff, the verbose always ready to pull the cover to them of good workers who will defend the fruits of their labor.

At work, therefore, without any bias, with the sole aim of serving the popular childhood, secular schools and educators! At work in this broad spirit of understanding and brotherhood that we have created within a movement that will overcome sectarian and partisan attacks to contribute to the establishment of a school worthy and efficient people and giving back to the noble an educator social and human value that deserve men manufacturers.

C. FREINET. http://www.icem-freinet.fr/archives/educ/52-53/1/5-8.pdf Author Freinet Print
In: The Educator CEL For teachers review in October 1952 http://www.icem-freinet.fr/archives/educ/52-53/1/4.pdf Author Freinet Print

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